Cyclic redundancy check in HyEQ V2.01 installation

Regarding the release of the HyEQ toolbox V2.01, some users found a glitch when installing the new version into an iMac computer. The error is the following,

>> install
 Reading the archiv
   during installation
Error using install (line 80)
The installation file is corrupt!
Ensure that the archive container was not modified (check FTP/
proxy/ firewall settings, anti-virus scanner for emails etc.)!

Thus, to solve this problem and install the toolbox, it is necessary that the user create its own install file in her/his computer. Here are the steps how to create and install the installation file.

  1. You need to know which is your matlab’s user userpath folder, for this, type in your matlab’s command window >>userpath
  2. Download the makeinstall program at and uncompress the content in your userpath folder.
  3. Locate and open the makeinstall folder in matlab. Run the script >> makeinstall, and then install the makeinstall program, typing >> install. Now you can create your own install files!
  4. Download the HyEQ V2.01 source files here (please change the .doc extension by .zip)
  5. Uncompress the file and copy the folder in any place but your userpath folder.
  6. Locate the folder in matlab, and then create the install file typing >> makeinstall. Thus, if you didn’t get any error, you can install the HyEQ toolbox V2.01 typing >> install.
  7. Follow the instructions for the installation.

I hope this is usefull for those who found the error, please if you have questions leave a comment, and I’ll try to help you.



PD: Thanks Sean and Yuchun for all your help.


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