Multi-agent Vehicle Communication for Destination Decision

This project consists of two vehicles that want to meet in a desired target. Each vehicle measures the position of the target and exchange this information between them through a network. From the average of both measurements, each vehicle decides the direction that it should go to reach the target. To make the problem more interesting we decided to make the target a moving vehicle which we could set the trajectory and, consequently, both vehicles should be able to follow it, as shown on the Figure 1.


Figure 1. High level description of the system.

This system is considered a cyber-physical system, since it is comprised of physical systems, the dynamics of the vehicles, and cyber systems, the finite state machines responsible for computing the direction based on the acquired target measurements. This system has to take in consideration the sampling rate of each vehicle and the random transmission delay generated by the network.

Project Documentation

Matlab Implementation (Change the extension to .zip)



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